My soul-painter

He started to gently massage my neck while I was drinking my coffee in his kitchen. Then he started what I thought it was playing with my hair. „Are you making a tiny pony tale there?”. Actually he had made a little braided tail from that soft-soft hair at the base of the scalp. „Are we having our girls’ time now?”, I smiled. He mumbled and dragged me to the two mirrors facing each other, to see it. I barely could. And that’s when I knew.

I’ve just arrived to his place. My hair was a bit wet from the light rain-snow outside. I kissed him, sat down and I started to shiver. I was wearing a backless dress, velvet pantyhose, and as high heels as I could manage on that shitty icy weather. My make up was on, my hair was carefully done. After spending 24/7 with him, wearing his large grey sweatpants, it somehow was a „back to sensual me” time, something I thought it’d matter. Actually he was the one to say „I’d love to see you in high heels”. So all in all, he now had „the package”. Did he start to suddenly touch me? No. Did he change his attitude into a macho-approaching-a-bimbo? Nope. The first thing he did was going to the bathroom and coming back with the big, brown towel. „Let me dry your hair. You’re gonna catch a cold”. And that’s when I knew.

„Hey, this is gonna be my new flag”, he said and laughed, sitting on the bed. I was reading on the other side of the room. When I turned around, he’d already put my thong across his face and hair. And that’s when I knew.

I was washing the dishes and singing something silly. He came from behind, touched my waist gently, and pulled my trousers down. „You’re powerless now, you cannot pull them up, your hands are wet”, he laughed hardly. He pulled them back in approximately 10 seconds. And that’s when I knew.

„Put „Wish you were here”, please””. It was the song that made us first meet, not in a very friendly manner. We started to dance in the middle of the room. After one minute, he realized that our bodily dance positions were reversed: I was the man, he was the woman. We laughed, changed positions and started to waltz a bit. „C’mon?! You’re leading?”, he said. „The cold war for power, again”. And that’s when I knew.

I was at my place, had high fever in the morning, but it dropped later. I was feeling better. He called. „I should have come over earlier”. „No, it’s ok, I’m better. Really”. „Put a warm blouse on, put the blanket over your head. Sweat. Tea, lemons, vitamins. What did you eat?”. „I’m better…D’you have to get up early in the morning? Will you be able to sleep? Should I come over to help you sleep?” „Now the sick is taking care of the healthy? Stop. I’m coming”. And he came. With nurofen, vitamin c, lemons, oranges. Beer for him :). And we watched „Californication”. And I kissed his hands. And that’s when I knew.

(to be continued)