Angel of the morning

First of all, i am sorry if all this is gonna sound corny, but: i have friends, aquaintances, people i know and appreciate from Chile or Switzerland, Israel or Turkey, USA, who kindly suggested that I write in English. On my blog, first. As a job, we’ll see ;).

… this morning happened to be a very early one. And very promissingly warm. I went to sleep at 2 in the morning and got woken up at 4 a.m. by thomas (no more rebits in my hat 🙂 ). after a good night sleep of 2 hours, i was the one who was responsible with waking him up.Try getting a man up (if you weigh less than 50 kg like my humble person). Please do. His body, I mean! :)) And keep him up! When you’re as sleepy as hell! It’s harder than Mickey Rourke’s wrestling, i’m telling you!

Soo I went with the forever working strategy: drops of water on his face. It really pissed him off for one second. Which was great!

A fairly good morning at 6 a.m. And, with a bad break of about 4 hours, a better morning started at a bistro i’ve never been to before. And there I had my „real” breakfast in years. For me it was something close to a miracle to see myself in the morning eating eggs and ham and cheese and butter! and jam! and drinking tea! you know the feeling that u cannot believe yourself doing something? there i was, having breakfast. and this feeling.

And people walked on the street like stressed uniform animals to the zoo. Scared, sad, ironic, some just not really caring. But the sun, pfaaah, the sun was the king of them all. And humilliated them into being little beams trying to hide in the shade.

The owner of the bistro had incredibly scary blue eyes, but he smiled when i suggested he puts wireless in the place. I hope he eventually will.
I could feel the bartender’s amazed look while i was keenly reading the sports newspapers. One word: I am interested in lots of things, get used to it, guys! I am the little genius in disguise, don’t be mislead by the charm :)).

And the backless green blouse. And the perfect red shoes. And the orange scarf. And the red nails. And the simple words of the man who sold me cherries. And the ever cool „ride” in the vegetable market… and me.


Tenderly put together simple-little(or big)-beautiful things, every day (things that must happen to you if you are a beautiful person. this i know from a friend. she said: „you are a wonderful. And to the wonderful, only wonders can happen”).
Mix these things up creatively for as long as you can. Do not be afraid!

Use condiments such as pathetism or corniness, but forget about artificial additives such as „what will people say? isn’t this a bit too much?”.

Add light and warmth, maybe a spoonfull. Maybe more.

There you have your hapiness, served chill.

Ah, the most important: Enjoy! 😉


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